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PE Rules



PE Rules


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back to a new school year. We at the Columbus Elementary PE. department would like to remind you of a few things for the upcoming year.


  • Your child will be required to wear tennis shoes to PE. We recommend a good running shoe for their comfort and safety.  Make sure that they lace up, tie, Velcro, or Z strap tight to your child’s foot to insure that they do not fly off during activities. For your child’s safety, boots, sandals, heelies, Vans that do not lace up, mary janes, flip flops, cleats, sperrys, high heeled sneakers, ect… are not allowed during PE. We will allow students to wear hey dudes during PE this year, but we recommend that they do not wear them on mileage club days, fitness gram testing days, and days that we are kicking balls.  Please make sure that the shoe is the correct size for your child’s foot. If your child’s shoes are constantly falling off during activities, he or she will not be allowed to participate that day. Girls are also required to wear shorts under skirts and dresses. Shorts must be long enough to go to the student’s finger tips when he or she is standing up and have his or her hands by their side. Wearing the incorrect shoes, no shorts under dresses, or shorts that are too short will affect your child’s grade. There may be some days that your child is supposed to go to music or tech class but for some unforeseeable reason that class is cancelled and they have to come to PE. They will still have to wear the correct shoes to participate. We recommend that you wear tennis shoes every day just to be safe.
  • If your child is sick and cannot participate in PE, please write a note letting us know what is wrong and we will let them sit out for that day. If your child is hurt and needs to sit out for an extended period of time, a note from you or the doctor will be fine and we will sit them out until you give us a second note saying that he or she can begin to participate again. If an extended period of time is missed from participation due to injury, illness or absences, your child will receive our standard grade which is an “S” for that six weeks. We understand that no one chooses to have an illness or injury but our grades are based upon participation and behavior.
  • Students are always allowed to use the restroom during PE if we are in the gym. The class time that they miss while in the restroom will be made up during their free time after mileage club. This does not affect their grade and it is not a punishment. We encourage them to go before PE so that it does not become a daily routine. While we are outside, there are no restrooms and no easy access into the building so they have to wait till we go back in or till a coach is available to let them into the building.
  • Absolutely no gum or food will be allowed in the gym during PE class. 
  • Any misbehavior will result in a discipline sheet and/or a 5 minute sit out time on Friday after mileage club. Discipline sheets and sit out times will affect your child’s PE grade.
  • Your child’s PE grade is based upon participation and behavior. We document in our grade book every time your child wears the wrong shoes, does not have shorts under skirts or dresses, has shorts that are too short, has excessive absences, gets a discipline sheet, or has to sit out 5 minutes for making a bad choice. If your child does not have any marks in the grade book at the end of the six weeks, he or she will receive an “E” which is excellent. If he or she has 1 or 2 marks, your child is satisfactory and receives an “S”. Three to five marks equals an “N” which stands for needs improvement. Six marks or more in the grade book over the course of one six weeks will result in a “U” which is unsatisfactory. If your child earns a referral during PE, his or her grade will automatically drop to an “N”.
  • We usually have mileage club once a week (weather permitting). We work on building endurance to improve your child’s score on the Fitness Gram pacer test. During mileage club we run/walk laps around the playground. The students have 10 to 12 minutes (depending on age) to complete at least four laps. The more laps they do the better. Your child will get to sign the mileage club board and receive a shoe tag for every 5 miles they complete. The top three students in each grade level will be given a prize at the end of the year.  
  • The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has created a group of fitness tests (Fitness Gram) that must be conducted by every school district in the state with grades 1-12. The tests measure aerobic endurance, body mass index, flexibility, and muscle strength. We encourage you to work on these areas at home to help ensure success. Coach Bludau, and I will be testing all students in grades 1st through 5th after Thanksgiving and at the end of the school year. TEA requires us to report all Fitness Gram test results of students who are 10 years of age or older. TEA officials say the tests results will help guide state research into possible links among physical education and student achievement, school attendance and discipline problems. TEA officials will tally test results by grade level, campus and school district.  

If you have any questions, our office extension is 404. You can also find our rules on our school website at columbusisd.org, under the Columbus Elementary tab. You will find it on my (Julie Leopold) web page. You can find the PE rules there as well as special events like the KC free throw shooting contest, Red Ribbon Week events, PE Night or any other events that are coming up in the PE department. We are looking forward to another great school year. Thank you for all that you do to keep your child healthy and fit.



Julie Leopold