Stevi Blount » Absences/Attendance


If your child is absent:
(provide your child's name, homeroom teacher & reason for absence)
  • Call: (979) 732-2078
  • Email:  Your homeroom teacher OR directly to the CES attendance clerk,
  • Parent/Guardian signed note:  Submit to homeroom teacher or Front Office upon their return to school.
  • Doctor's Appointment Note:  The note must be from the health care professional (licensed, certified or registered by an appropriate agency of the State of Texas to practice in the United States.), with date of appointment &/or how many days the student will be out of school.
*Note:  Over the phone or via video (telemedicine) is now considered an appointment and will be approved for an excused absence.
As stated in the Columbus Elementary Student Handbook, page 36, you will have up to 3 days of returning to school to provide a note.  If your child is absent for 4 or more consecutive days due to illness, a note from the doctor is required and must verify the illness or condition.  If you do not provide a note or reason for your child's absence, it will remain unexcused and be considered to be in violation of compulsory attendance laws.
The campus will document all excused and unexcused absences.  Please note that, unless the absence is for a statutorily allowed reason under compulsory attendance laws, the district is not required to excuse any absence, even if the parent/guardian provides a note explaining the absence.
(Examples of reason that are NOT excused:  Family trips; Vacation; Non-school sponsored events)
Numerous absences, whether excused or unexcused, may jeopardize a student's ability to receive credit or final grades for classes.  Your student must attend 90% of the time if they want to be sure to get credit and be promoted to the next grade level at the end of the academic year.  
(For more information about the 90% rule, please contact your child's teacher or principal).