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Standards-Based Grading

Columbus ISD is happy to share that all students in Kindergarten and 1st grade will have a Standards-Based report card every six weeks, which will replace the traditional report card we have used in previous years. This type of evaluation of student learning greatly benefits our students by clearly measuring their proficiency on defined essential standards in each core content area, along with digital learning, social development, physical education and fine arts. 
Educational research has repeatedly shown that when teachers measure students’ learning based on standards, and not just a numerical or letter grade, they can identify and target specific areas of student strength and need. Traditional grading systems are based on an average of many standards, which sometimes does not make clear to students and their families exactly what students have mastered or are still working on. The design of this Columbus ISD Standards-Based report card was a collective effort of many of our teachers, administrators, and the District Curriculum and Instruction Department, and we celebrate our educators’ focus on student learning and providing targeted feedback about student progress.


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Kindergarten Standards Based Grading Information
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Second Grade Standards Based Grading Information  COMING SOON!